Sheena O'Flaherty

Office Manager - Drury, Ray White Drury

Sheena O’Flaherty‘s resume speaks for itself; a long record of in-depth knowledge and skill in demanding, varied accounting roles since school. What it wouldn’t show is her unrelenting daily work ethic and commitment to always going the extra mile. Sheena has what it takes to be any company’s greatest office-based asset and is perfectly placed as the new office manager at the innovative Ray White Drury branch.

Sheena’s comprehensive work history is hard to capture, but her core focus on accountancy is unwavering. Her first job at a law firm taught her about trust accountancy, and just two years later, she transitioned to a data supervisor position at a company responsible for New Zealand’s first ATMs / supermarket scanners. Sheena also nurtured her professional development, commencing an accountancy degree.

Remarkably, by the late ‘80’s, she had already set up and was running a small business too, requiring knowledge of every accounting system available at the time. This developed her reputation as a versatile ‘Systems Accountant’; upgrading manual accounting systems to digital. Few people had Sheena’s skills, ensuring her business thrived, with an overwhelming volume of companies needing her expertise to transition.

In a clear indicator of Sheena's talents, Carter Holt Harvey Limited, who’d experienced her talent first-hand, headhunted her to the corporate accounting world as the assistant to their group accountant; before she’d even qualified from her degree.

Five years later, Sheena had a young family to consider and sought work locally, securing a position as the executive officer at Pukekohe Hill Primary School. It was a good choice; an opportunity to assist in her local community and remain present for her children. Community is an important theme for Sheena, prompting her next career move as team leader of a group of volunteers for her church, demanding a high degree of organisational, leadership and training skills. Spearheading a child and family programme, she offered significant advantages to children in need, dually mentoring teenagers and adults gaining entry to the workforce.

It's hard to believe that Sheena has any time left for any fun, but she says she has plenty. Her favourite pastime is heading out for weekend rides to new places with her husband on their Italian motorcycles. She also makes time to catch up with friends and family at every opportunity.