Kritesh Rao

Licensee Salesperson, Ray White Botany

A Kiwi Indian, raised and educated in the eastern and southern suburbs of Auckland, Kritesh has exceptional knowledge of the local areas, amenities and attractions.

Working as a duty manager for over a year and then as a successful ecommerce web developer for a retail outlet his negotiation and digital marketing skills are very useful in exposing properties to the market, especially in today’s society where technology and advertising through the internet and other channels is paramount for marketing success.

Having graduated with a degree in sales and marketing he developed a passion for conducting thorough market research on any given topic, combine this with his keen insights into the property market, Kritesh understands how and why the market has been so dynamic throughout the years to date and what to expect in the foreseeable future.

Selling or buying your most valuable asset is a very delicate decision as we all know, which is why Kritesh firmly believes in providing all the facts, figures and analytical data, supporting and communicating what is happening in the current market, giving clients the information they need before making that big decision is Kritesh’s philosophy to building trust and a genuine relationship, complemented by his values of honesty, integrity and solid work ethics, its comfortable and easy to get along with him.

If you are thinking about selling or buying a property but would like all the facts on the table first give Kritesh a call for a friendly hassle-free chat.