Kris Brown


After 14 years in property management, Kris can't imagine doing anything else.

She enjoys the challenge of creating systems to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

“I love working with the awesome people we have here, listening to their ideas and involving them to make improvements. I'm always aiming to keep our team at the forefront of our field with cutting edge service and technology.”

When Kris takes a break, she loves to relax with a good horror book or movie – not that you'd guess from her bright, bubbly personality!


We would like to thank you for your management of our properties. We asked you to take over management of our properties after we had a bad experience with our previous property manager. We are very satisfied with your management since you began managing our properties. Your tenant selection, property maintenance and expense control have been excellent. Most of all, we rely on your honesty and integrity. Communication with you is superb. I feel that I can call you at any time for your expert opinion. You have helped me many times by recommending individuals for maintenance projects at my own residence. I rely on your expertise both in leasing and sales. It makes my life a lot easier not having to worry about those properties.


Kris Nicholson is our current Rental Property Manager, and would have no hesitation in recommending Kris. I previously handled the management myself but having Kris who is so efficient I wonder why I had not utilized the services of an experienced property manager.

Grace & John Macefield

Obviously, with my living out of the country, good communication is essential and you have never failed to 'be in touch' when necessary. Your reports are always comprehensive and include photos so I am able to have a visual perspective in my absence. Any maintenance issues have been attended to promptly and professionally.I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone,and look forward to your continued management in the future.

Trish Warmerdam

I have been working with Kris Nicholson this past year and know I have peace of mind when it comes to knowing our property is in safe hands.Communication is key, she understands our needs and acts accordingly.During that time I have found her to be an extremely professional Property Manager, who has a good relationship and communication with the tenants and Landlord. I have always found contacting Kris is never a problem, she is quick to respond to phone calls or emails in a timely manner.I would have no hesitation in recommending Kris as a Property Manager, she is honest ,straight forward and gets the job done with minimal fuss

Karen McGlade