Kelly Qi

Property Manager, Ray White Taylor Rentals

Before she became a property manager, Kelly was a supreme number cruncher – a chartered accountant with a double major degree in accounting and finance. Her passion for property was ignited while she was a business analyst at the Auckland City Council’s property department

A real go-getter who has experienced the sharp end of property management as a tenant, property owner and landlord, Kelly is supremely organised. She aims to be responsive, rather than reactive, so that risks are sorted before they become problems.

When she’s not managing property or helping tenants, Kelly goes running. She says this love of exercise is because she was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog.  Personality traits for this Chinese zodiac sign include honesty, friendliness, kindness, caution, loyalty and sincerity – all great characteristics for a property manager.

“I’m big on lists, because as a property manager you need to be in control. There’s no telling what the next phone call or email could bring, so it’s important to stay on top of the day’s essential tasks by keeping an up-to-date diary. The other thing that’s essential for this job is great listening skills. Whether I’m helping a landlord or a tenant, I prefer to listen first talk second. Caring about the people you’re dealing with isn’t optional, it’s compulsory.”


Kelly Qi manages our Grafton Properties, and we feel very fortunate that she does. We cannot speak highly enough of Kelly working in support of our interests, but also as an advocate for our tenants where she deems necessary. She displays a great fairness in her support of each party. When repairs or maintenance work needs to be effected, we are trusting of Kelly to advise us of what may be needed, and she is quick to obtain quotes for us, before our agreement to carry out necessary work. She provides progress and final reports in respect of timeliness and quality. We are grateful of Kelly's considered advice to us, and we have confidence in her in setting fair market rentals on our behalf. Kelly responds quickly to our communications with her, and we enjoy the business relationship we have with her, and with Taylor Property Services ( Ray White) Parnell.

Ross Burnell - St Heliers