Jolyon Russell

Licensee Salesperson, Ray White Kumeu

When you employ a realestate agent to represent you (yes they are representing you and your family), what level of ttraining and experience do you want them to have? What level of training do you expect for all that money?

I am here to win for you- thats my job.

I have worked for 8 years in realestate and prior to that I spent 25 years in various sales roles, attending multiple courses in negotiation techniques and sales methods. In my sales career I reached the role of Key Accounts Manager, in other words I handled my employers biggest customers and negotiated the biggest volumes.

When you ask a realestate agent to represent you, you are asking them to negotiate your greatest financial asset and this negotiation affects your personal finances for years. What level of training do you want on your side of the negotiation table? When you ask me to represent you, I use all my skills to win for you.

Investigate what my past clients have said about me in their feedback at:


Jolyon was responsive, enthusiastic and proactive. We liked how quickly he got the process started with a little creative thinking (which actually turned out to be instrumental in achieving the sale). We liked his flexibility in making adjustments to the standard approach to met our preferences, and the dedication he showed in working on the listing - we never felt we'd be side-lined. Above all, he was good for his assessment of both the likely value and for his ability to achieve a result within the timeframe we were hoping for. As a result he has built trust.


His handling of the clients and response to enquiries was carried out proffessionally and to a high standard.

Margaret Faed

Jolyon is a 'personable professional' ... he likes to and works at building rapport with his clients so that he can serve them well. Personably, he takes an appropriate interest in what his client's goals are and seeks to help them to fulfil them. Professionally Jolyon is methodical and thorough to represent his (poorly regarded!) industry, his employer and his reputation/name well.

Nick Booth

Hi I bought the property through jolly , as I mentioned in m previous feedback he was helpful in every sense but th only issue I am having that owner didn't mention to jolly about the no drain for washing machine which is damaging the building underneath , but I was thinking before it's something which jolly could have know but after my recent building inspection my builder told me it's not th agent jolly it's the owner which suppose to mention to jolly about the drain and stuff , no doubt jolly was helpful he helped me taking out my carpet and doing paint and stuff and other small bit , I thank him for doing that .


He went above and beyond the call of duty, he was always available to help with anything. He helped keep me calm during a difficult sale with a very difficult buyer. He worked very hard to get the best for me.


He freely offered valuable information based on his experience that enabled us to carefully consider whether the purchase was the right fit for us.

Warren & Janice

Jolyon was enthusiastic and worked hard to achieve a good result. He was friendly and communicative to work with. Thanks Jolyon and a happy Christmmas/


He was friendly approachable and had our best interests at heart..prepared to go the extra mile and solve any problems we had during the process of getting our house sold

Eugene Bennett

Because Jolyon is an amazing sales person. He knows the Property Market and has an understanding of what the customer wants. He takes the worry out of selling the biggest asset people have and gives honest feedback.

Because Jolyon is an amazing sales person. He knows the Property Market and has an understanding of what the customer wants. He takes the worry of selling the biggest asset that people have and gives honest feedback.

Alec and Anna

Jolyon was approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. He made the process as easy as possible and was always available if we have any queries.

Just a simple note of appreciation for assisting me with my house hunting. Your unqualified service and quality put you on top of my list. And i wouldn't hesitate recommending you to friends. Thank you very much.

M Alix

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate Jolyon Russell for his work and understanding, as well as his patience, throughout the sale of my property. I would recommend him highly to all prospective clients.

F. Psaila

I found Jolyon to go the extra mile to get the best possible price. Excellent follow up. Good communication skills with potential buyers and myself. he leaves no rock unturned until he achieves his goal to sell your home? I would highly recommend Jolyon sell your home. If I had another property to sell, it's clear in my mind to give the job to Jolyon to get the job done.

M Greer

We just want to say Thank You for your recent real-estate work for us, both the purchase of our new lifestyle property and the sale of our home in Waimauku. Throughout the process we felt well informed and as sellers we appreciated your knowledge and advice on subjects such as a Safe and Sanitary for the porch we closed in. The contract you gave us to solve this issue provided great service just like you. Your negotiations between us and the other parties in both buying our new home and selling our house made us feel that our needs were being met, we were listened to and we were fully part of the process. The marketing package you suggested, with our own website, set our house above the others and we believe that it helped bring the excellent price we received for our home. We are happy with the offers you brought us and the price we finally achieved. We would not hesitate to recommend you as the person to represent anyone else who is considering using you for the sale of their property. We look forard to one day, again, asking you to represent us.

A DimbrowskiI

Jolyon was approachable, friendly and knowledgable. He made the process as easy as possible and was always available if we have any queries.

Sarah and Alister

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