Gary Thornton

Licensee Salesperson , Ray White Forrest Hill

Introducing Gary S Thornton BCA

“A Better Future” 

My role is to provide the professional expertise to assist people improve and enhance their lives and lifestyles.

Originally from Christchurch, I was educated at Wellington College and completed a Bachelor of Commerce and
Administration at Victoria University. I have had a number of Private Sector Management Roles which provided me with financial and management skills.

Having fulfilled a personal passion for renovating

properties I can offer solid, practical advice based on my own first-hand experience.

For free, friendly, professional advice,


  • Be honest.
  • Treat you with respect.
  • Tell you what’s going on.
  • Report weekly progress on the marketing of your home, and buyer’s feedback.
  • Advise you before you respond to any offers on your property.
  • Be available at any time to discuss any queries or concerns you might have.
  • Spend the time it takes for you to feel totally confident that I am the best person to handle all your Real estate needs.
  • To carry out an in-depth appraisal I may need to visit your home twice

I will

Tour your home inside and out taking detailed notes

Interview you to determine your needs and your family’s needs

Answer any questions you may have about Ray White and will personally take you through the service we provide

Provide you with an adequate marketing programme that is a detailed plan of how your home could be marketed for sale

This schedule is flexible and we will welcome your input to suit your needs

Provide you with a current competitive market analysis to discuss with you a price range for your home and a suitable listing period

Offer presentation suggestions to help you sell your home

Ensure any commitment to provide excellent service that will exceed your expectations of a Real Estate Consultant

If necessary I may need to arrange a time to come back to complete the appraisal.

At the end of these visits, if you are confident that I am the best person to help you, then you can employ me by signing the listing agreement. This document gives me permission to market your home for the length of time stated and to receive payment for services when a sale has been achieved.

Employ a professional for a stress free, satisfying experience.

Gary S Thornton BCA        Mobile: 027 956 9946      Email:  

Preparing your house for sale

  • KITCHEN: Stove, refrigerator and sink should be spotless and all workspaces should be clean
  • BATHROOM/S: Should be neat, spotless and fresh. Repair any broken tiles, reseal around bath and basin if necessary. Put some smelling oil or scents around
  • WARDROBES AND CUPBOARDS: Have a good clean out. Untidy or overly crowded storage areas can suggest inadequate space
  • CHILDREN AND PETS: Can distract buyers from thinking positively - keep them busy in another room or out of the house if possible
  • LAWNS AND YARDS: Remove clutter, mow the lawns, trim path edges, trim hedges and weed gardens
  • FRONT OF HOUSE: Paint, fix or wash fences, steps, windows, screens and front door
  • OTHER EXTERIOR:  Paint, fix or wash side or back door, gutters, wash windows
  • GARAGE: Straighten up, paint fix or wash doors and windows
  • PLUMBING Repair dripping taps, leaky toilets
  • LIGHTS: Replace all burned out bulbs and fix faulty switches
  • HALL AND STAIRS: Remove clutter to give a wide appearance 

Which renovations offer the best return when  you sell?

Not all renovations will make you a tidy profit when you come to sell your property. Some projects will cost more than they will ever give you back. So what are the most lucrative projects to add value to your home and give you the best return come sales day?


Updating or replacing the Kitchen is one of the top renovations for profit. Modular Kitchens can be a cost effective and a fast way to update the livability of a property. Use a custom kitchen builder wherever possible, as he will supply and install the cabinets as well as offer a warranty. Costs for a basic custom kitchen installed with all plumbing, electrical and tiling can be as little as $10,000. This can add enormous appeal and value to a property, with the increase in value sometimes being as much as $50 to $60,000.

The emotional connection between buyers and imagining living in the house they are buying is a big driver, so when renovating it is vital to spend money on the design of how the occupant will live in the area. For example, kitchens are now a lot larger areas with bigger fridges and ovens for entertaining and more casual dining.

However when setting aside a budget for renovating it has to be consistent for a good return. An expensive oven with DIY cupboards does not work. Be consistent, realistic and look at the big picture.


Update or add bathrooms. The average number of bathrooms in new dwellings has been increasing over time and this is being reflected in the renovation market as well. There are now, on average 2.6 bathrooms per new home.

If you are going to renovate or add a bathroom it is important to have a clear budget set out from the beginning of the project and always work to a fixed price. Buyers and tenants demand bathrooms to be modern and up to date with clean and stylish fixtures and fittings. Be careful not to over capitalise.


Renovations that help show off a home’s qualities rather than detract from it have the best chance of providing a good return. Painting is always a great option to give a home a lift, with modern colours and shades. Paint is the most powerful renovation tool. You can instantly modernise and refresh in a contemporary colour scheme.

Street Appeal

When renovating a home with resale in mind, improvements that add to the street appeal of a home are always beneficial. Maximising the number of potential buyers that are enticed through the door is the first step towards ensuring that the sale price meets your expectations. Consider elements such as the garage or modernising cladding materials or colours.

The front door is an important element in the street appeal. Replacing, with a new modern door, can add “wow” or painting with a rich oil based paint. Make sure the front garden is tidy, lawns mowed and beds weeded. If garden beds are bare, garden mulch is an easy way to spark them up. Repair and paint the front fence. Add a new house number and letterbox.

Outdoor Area

There is a definite trend towards upgrading outdoor areas to more indoor/outdoor living. An  alfresco area, in the past, was a Barbie on the patio, where as now the outdoor area is an extra room, an all-weather extension of the house. The money spent on a well designed all weather area brings its returns when the sale sign goes up. The outdoor area is an emotional driver for buyers. They see the area, imagine themselves using it and already they are sold on the lifestyle it offers.


With any home renovation for profit, plan renovations with a broad audience in mind, rather than injecting too many personal tastes and preferences. The last thing you want is for buyers to factor post-sale renovations into the equation.

The same goes for poorly done DIY renovations, particularly in the kitchen or bathroom, which can be off-putting for buyers. Consider using a professional so that potential buyers can picture themselves in the area for many years to come.


10/10 for Customer service Gary has been fantastic throughout the whole process of buying and selling our properties. He always had our best interests at heart, was honest and personable. Everything you want in a real estate agent. Thanks Gary!

Elyda & David - 1/35 Manuka Road, Bayview

10/10 Honest, Professional with experiences and Excellent service.

Dennis Wai Yin - 1/20 Glenvista, Bayview

10/10. Gary, you have restored our faith in professionalism. Thank you so much for enabling us to move onto our dream! Excellent listener. A consummate professional. Delivered over and above

Alice & Eoin Hicks

10/10. Fantastic gentleman to deal with. High level of integrity and level of duty of care which has blown me away. Will highly recommend to any friends in the future

Greg Spencer

10/10. Awesome to deal with, friendly, helpful and went the extra mile. A+++

Alex James Hartstone

10/10 Highly recommend Gary. Went the extra mile with assisting with tenant. Would use Gary again

Megan Turrall

10/10. Thanks Gary for helping us purchase our first property in Hamilton. You knew what our strategy was and that this property fitted our profile. You were very prompt and efficient in the way you helped us ‘seal the deal’. Thanks heaps

10/10. Approachable, friendly and knowledgeable made our first house sale easy and smooth. Thank you.

10/10. Approachable, friendly and knowledgeable made our first house sale easy and smooth. Thank you.

Lindsey & Karim Ismail

10/10. Originally, when I first thought about selling my house, I was planning on either selling privately or going to auction. It was through sheer chance and his successful sale a couple of houses down that I met Gary, and I’m so glad that I did. Right from word go, I could tell that he knew his stuff and that he was there to help me to get the best outcome. Gary clearly and concisely went through our plan of action, and was great when it came to listening to what I was wanting, which was a quick sale for a fair price. My first and only open home went really well, with Gary presenting me with a good number of fantastic offers – he had obviously worked hard to market my house, showing its best qualities! Despite there being a couple of hurdles along the way, due mainly to the purchasers, Gary remained calm and was always on top of things. He constantly went out of his way to make what is quite often a stressful situation, as stress-free as possible, something that I really appreciated. From the open home through to settlement was only one month, so Gary achieved my original wishes to get everything done quickly, and my house sold for a very good price, far above what I was expecting. I cannot praise him enough!

Sarah Quinnell

10/10. Gary was extremely helpful & professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any purchaser or indeed, to enlist him again, should I ever wish to purchase or sell another property. Thank you, Gary.

Eng (Peter) Chai Saw

10/10. We met Gary whilst purchasing a house (which we were unsuccessful in). Gary said he would help us find a suitable property similar to the one we missed out on. He did and was attentive and helpful throughout. He visited us several times after settlement. Very helpful and friendly whilst professional throughout. Thanks Gary. We would highly recommend you to other clients

. Claire Garnett & David Taft

Very professional agent. Nice man. Impressive service

Shouguo Wang

10/10. Gary is a gentleman that is very co-operative

Dato Saw Eng Guan

A very pleasant relationship was established right from the start

Janet & Brian Cooney

10/10. Thanks for making the effort to contact us. Was the easiest sale / purchase of property we have ever had.

Angela & Ken Bryan

Very helpful

Sally & Richard Coventry

I found Gary very helpful

John Denton

10/10. Gary was an absolute pleasure to deal with when purchasing our first investment property. He made the whole process so plain, simple and fair to all parties involved. We all walked away winners

Neal Bent

10/10. Gary has been very helpful and made buying our first house easier. We will highly recommend Gary to anyone.

May & Will Weavers

10/10. Hit the nail on the head, top of your game, efficient, respectful, down to earth, putting 110% into the job. Thank you very much.

Rebecca & Dan McNaughton

10/10. Because Gary is very down to earth, VERY helpful and we could not have done this without him

Wendy Schultz and Douglas Bladen.

Gary Thornton did a very good job for me. A delight to work with

Jilliane and Alan Laird.

You were one of the friendliest, most professional real estate agents we dealt with

Katrina & Paul Taylor

10/10. Gary relieved me of a stressful situation and offered great advice and fantastic service, resulting in a sale considerably higher than my expectations

. Lindle McIlveen

10/10. Gary has been of considerable assistance in my real estate decisions. He provided a prompt, thorough appraisal and clear details about intended purchases. I commend his courteous manner and professionalism.

Megan Turrall

10/10. I appreciated Gary’s consistent courtesy, friendliness and considerate manners, and I valued his acumen and assistance in the purchase of my new dwelling

. R John Gairdner

10/10. Gary was extremely helpful and his knowledge of the area was outstanding when we purchased a section on the North Shore. He will be our first point of contact for future property purchases. We highly recommend Gary and his team

Steven Ward

I found Gary Totally professional, punctual, respectful, polite and diligent. His knowledge of the real estate industry is second to none. I would have no hesitation in employing his skills again

Jeff Green

10/10. I just wanted to drip you a note to say thanks for all the hard work you put in with the sale at Castleton Street. I’m truly thankful that we had you on our side as you made things so easy for us, while I’m sure it was no easy task with us up North, but nothing was too hard for you. You went above and beyond and all that was left for me to do was change address ... ha too easy. Gary, from me and the missus, thanks a big bundle wishing you all the best, and if you are ever in Ruawai the first beer is on me

Glenn Tidswell & Family

10/10. Gary went over and above what was expected of him. He was professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. I’ll definitely be using his services again in the future.

Gareth Dobson

9/10. Gary appeared very knowledgeable, courteous and accommodating

Savio Rodrigues

10/10. Worked the property well, as viewed from long range (Hamilton)

Noelene and John Dickinson - Hamilton

10/10. You were honest & up front about the house & price, which made our decision to buy a lot easier. It was a great experience

Jessica Barr and Ben Weafer

10/10. We were very impressed with your commitment to selling for us. Always available 24/7. Above & beyond what would normally be expected, from our first approach. Well done.

Emily Hepi and Colin Fuller.

Gary thank you for your kind help & time. You are a great Real Estate Agent

Samantha Xie.

10/10. Very good experience. Cheers

Johnny Banovich

10/10. Excellent agent. Very professional and helpful. Goes the extra mile…fab. Recommend to anyone selling a house

Margot Symes.

10/10. Incredibly friendly, professional and we are both very impressed with how our house purchase went.

Hayley Wright and Cameron Smith

10/10. Wonderful to deal with. Purchase went really smoothly

Shirene Clewett and Doug Campbell.

10/10. It’s hard to hold a business and personal relationship separate in such a situation. This was admirably balanced

Liam McIlveen.

10/10. We think that Gary is a very nice agent. He connects with the clients very well which is a little bit different with other agents. Very helpful and efficient

Hong Meng Wong.

10/10. Gary was so helpful and he explained everything and answered all of our questions.

Karena Brown and Ben Tepania.

10/10. We have just had the pleasure of buying our house through Gary Thornton. My husband and I were most impressed with his professional manner and excellent communication skills which made this whole process painless, calm and positive by the end of the day. We would highly recommend you & your team to anyone thinking of buying or selling in the area.

Hongyan Cui and Chengbo Sang

10/10. Friendly and gave me great advice. A happy seller. Thanks Gary

Paul Power

10/10. The most decent real estate salesman I’ve ever dealt with. Can highly recommend. Has also been most helpful providing contacts for tradesmen.

James Cuttance.

10/10 Customer Satisfaction - Gary worked the property well from long range

John - 1/82 Totaravale Road, Totaravale

Because Gary is very down to earth, VERY helpful and we couldn't have done this without him!

Wendy and Douglas

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