Cathy Roselli

Licensee Salesperson, Ray White Parnell

There’s probably one trait you need above all else to be a great real estate agent - and that’s energy. And Cathy Roselli has loads of it. Cathy meets the challenges of the Auckland real estate world head on and she loves it.

In the property business for over 26 years now, Cathy’s astute mind, lively spirit, and warm manner ensure clients and their referred friends and family just keep coming back to her time and again.

Her awards in real estate are an impressive list – a reflection of her staying power and longevity in an industry that can sometimes try the strongest of constitutions.

Originally from the wild and beautiful West Coast of the South Island, Cathy displays a rare combination of rock solid resilience coupled with a style and grace that others admire. Her early years in teaching set the course of Cathy’s path and she’s always made the best of wherever she finds herself. Time spent in the high pressure world of stocks and shares following the completion of a Diploma in Sharebroking, reveals Cathy’s ability to transact business at the highest levels.

Cathy is the kind of person for whom nothing is an obstacle and everything is an adventure. She rolls with the punches to embrace any situation she is presented with.

Joining Ray White  in 2013 was a decision that she has never regretted. It was a moment of serendipity that led her to the yellow Ray White door. She’s worked with several other real estate brands over the years and knows that the systems and culture at Ray White enhance her business like no other. Cathy believes the power of a supportive brand is crucial and she’s “in the right space” with Ray White and the team.

Cathy Roselli invites you to utilize her significant expertise, creativity, analytical approach and intuitive flair in the selling and buying of your home.


Cathy was very good, very professional. She used good communication at all times, and we really liked that constant contact. When you are selling your home, you always want news and updates; you want to be involved the whole way through. Having constant contact was important to us and Cathy was always touching base. Selling your home can be quite an emotional and stressful time, and Cathy really helped us to guide us through the process. After open homes, you are always keen to know how they went – without fail we always got a phone call from Cathy afterwards. That part of the process was very, very good. We were really happy with the sale result which was under the hammer (by auction). The whole sale process was handled very professionally by Cathy. All the material she gave us was professionally presented, easy to understand and informative – she gave us everything we needed. If we ever needed clarification on anything, Cathy was always there to explain things to us. Cathy’s been in real estate for a good many years, so she offers lots of experience, which was a really good thing for us. Cathy has a very bright and bubbly personality – she’s very enthusiastic, caring and understanding, and she’s passionate about real estate. A big thing for us is that you can build trust with Cathy very quickly. We really felt like she was looking after us and looking after our needs – that helped the whole process. We were really happy with Cathy and we’d happily recommend to anyone else. She did a fantastic job for us.

Epsom Seller

My husband and I wanted to interview several agents, so we spoke to four agents all up before choosing Cathy to represent our home. We asked each of them to come over and give us some ideas as we were open to suggestions on the sale. They all gave us an appraisal and an idea of their marketing plan and how they would run the marketing process. We spoke to agents from Barfoot and Thompson, Bayleys, Harcourts and Ray White. They were all very nice and affable but we choose Cathy because of the way she put real thought into how to market the home and then she presented it with style. She absolutely delivered on everything. She was professional, real, great at communicating and gave us fantastic updates about everything. Nothing is too much trouble for Cathy and she goes out of her way to work around you. It’s so important to be able to look at your home through someone else’s eyes and Cathy’s not scared to tell you when something needs doing to create that ‘wow’ impression on potential buyers. You’ve got to get that wow as soon as people walk in, so it’s all about the presentation of the home. Cathy even brought flowers to the first open home – nothing was too much trouble for her, she was great. Cathy is always positive. People don’t always like everything and they will always find something they don’t like but Cathy never dwells on the negatives. She would be positive and give us a full run down after every open home weekend, including who came through and what their comments were. She couldn’t be more professional. At the auction, Cathy was very focused on getting people there. We had five variations on the contract but we wanted to settle on our terms. Cathy told us that if there was a variation to what we ideally wanted, then a higher sale price should reflect that. She is very pragmatic in that sense and has a lot of experience in getting the best result. The auctioneer was also very good and really professional, I couldn’t recommend any of them more highly. Cathy has a very relaxed style and makes people feel comfortable. She is welcoming and warm and has a knack of communicating with people which makes a huge difference. She can relate to people and uses language appropriately to make them feel at ease – she’s also really aware and insightful of what people are looking for in a home. Cathy arranged the video of our home with a talented young man, and she suggested that he do panning inside and out, as we have a high stud inside. This really helped to link the whole home together with the location, the school and the city scape. The way Cathy put the video together with her choice of words to prompt viewers meant that people weren’t just relying on the visual but had it backed up with powerful messages too. The photographer was fantastic too – and again, Cathy suggested a few shots. The dusk shots were very effective – they were the ‘wow’ shots and it was so important to have those. With Cathy, there is never any talk of settling, as in ‘let’s just settle for this’. She is a perfectionist without being painful and she wants the best that can be possibly done. You always feel aware and in touch with what’s happening. Particularly in the last week of the campaign before the auction. The combination of Cathy and her assistant Lisa is powerful and communication is a massive part of that mix. She always goes the extra mile – whether that’s another visit, another opportunity, or more photos. To sum it up, the best thing about having Cathy on board is her professionalism, personality and the way she communicates. She offers positive, easy communication and really seems to be able to relate to where you are at. There isn’t any BS with Cathy. She tells it how it is and she’s a very honest and genuine person with huge integrity. It’s great to have Cathy on your team when you are selling your home.

Remuera Seller

We chose Cathy because she sold our last home and did an awesome job. She just makes it so easy and she gives us a fabulous result. Cathy absolutely stands out for her approach, and her communication with us was outstanding. She is a strong believer in more advertising driving more enquiries and for us it was worth every penny. Cathy ensured that our home stood out and was in front of other homes on the market. “You get one opportunity to influence the value of your home.” For our first open home, Cathy turned up with a lovely bunch of flowers. That weekend we had 42 groups through on the first day. She has an invaluable understanding of buyer feedback and their level of interest, and we love the knowledge shared – She talked us through everything and gave us full weekly reports; we were kept up to date constantly, which was fantastic. On the night of our auction, Cathy worked as a team with the Ray White auctioneer Wayne, who was also amazing. We had six unconditional buyers bidding that night. The power of the competition was tangible – Cathy talks about the emotional money, and let me tell you, we saw the emotional connection hopeful buyers had with our home, and that drove the sale price oneway – up! Cathy really goes above and beyond anybody else I’ve ever sold or bought a home through, and we have worked with a whole bunch of agents. She is a real people person and she has a true love of people and houses. No body helps you like Cathy does; she’s not out for herself, she’s out to help you – and we found that very cool, we were very lucky. We’ve bought and sold numerous homes, and we can honestly say that Cathy is the best agent I’ve ever dealt with in buying or selling. We would recommend her to anyone because they simply don’t get better than Cathy Roselli. Cathy is absolutely a master of her trade.

Parnell Seller

We loved our home in Burrows Ave but we had to make the move as we needed a bigger place. We’d been looking for a home for 18 months, just casually sussing out the market so we met a lot of agents in that time. We met Cathy at a home for sale in Upland Road and we loved the level of follow up she gave. Throughout the selling process, Cathy brought people through our home almost every day – even on Labour Day. There were only a few days out of the whole time it was listed that she didn’t bring a group through. She would always keep us informed and ask if it was ok to show people through our home, and we said go for it. Cathy’s assistant Lisa was also fantastic; she would email us every morning with a schedule for the day with information about times people would be coming through and so on. She’d also email again later in the day which was really helpful as sometimes we’d forget about a viewing or got confused about times. We’d also get a great summary from Cathy after each open home weekend. Cathy would give us the number of people who had been through, names, a summary of who she thought was genuinely interested in buying, as well as market feedback on the worth and price of the home and comparable sales in our area. It was so good to be kept in the loop. As we got closer to the auction, we were nervous as hell. We’d set our reserve and at auction it sold for more than our baseline figure which was great. In the end the people that bought our home were well matched to our style. They hit the limit of their budget so we knew we got the best price possible from them. We actually had a glass of champagne with the buyers and Cathy after the auction, which was really nice. We also spoke to another guy who had sold through Cathy that night, and we were both so impressed with Cathy. We felt really well looked after throughout the whole process. One of the highlights of the process was the video Cathy had made for us. The video was really good and got quite a few views on YouTube. We’ve also got family in the UK. We sent them the video so they knew what we were doing and to show them that everything was being done really well and handled very professionally. They were a little nervous about the home being sold by auction, so the video really helped to show them that things were being managed to a really high standard. The best thing about having Cathy on board is her energy. She would finish up with us and then head straight back to her office to do follow up calls with interested buyers. And then every time we saw her, she was very positive and brought great energy with her. I’ve been in a sales role in a similar position and it can be very hard to stay positive and determined, but Cathy managed it all with ease. Cathy was extremely good at applying her market knowledge, guiding us and advising us on the best steps to take. Cathy was completely honest and very hard-working for us. We were happy throughout the whole process.

Parnell Seller

I was stressed around that time. My parents weren’t coming back and that’s why I was selling the house, my husband was ill. Cathy was the thing about the whole process – she was absolutely amazing. She made everything easy for me. When the house was on the market I was stressed about what colours to paint it and if I should do up the kitchen. The very next day I had a book in my hands from Cathy, all about the best colours to paint for selling your home. I was also thinking about re-carpeting the house before selling and the next day I had all the information. I’ve never met a real estate agent like Cathy. Nothing was a problem for Cathy – she had the solution for everything. She would do things no one else would do. Even house dressing/staging – Cathy knew the right people and it was just done. When the neighbours started pulling down a fence the day before our open home, Cathy went right over there looking for the surveyors markers, and she just sorted it out so there were no problems. She fought my battles for me and that made such a difference. She went way over and above what I would have expected. The service was amazing, and to be honest Cathy saved my sanity! Cathy was incredibly professional. It’s her whole look, her whole manner – Cathy really is a class act. She connects with buyers, and she is incredibly personable. With regard to capabilities, the copy Cathy wrote for the house was spot on. Her copy for the house made you want to buy it. Cathy is the consummate professional – she really is. She is so experienced and that came through. She also has all these amazing networks of people and services that are brought to bear. Everything just went smoothly and it’s all about professionalism and with her being in the real estate game for 20 years that experience made all the difference. I felt very confident that we got the best price and Cathy did everything she could to achieve that. I couldn’t say enough good things about Cathy. Even after the sale has gone through, she’s still helping me. She’s never far away. If I ever sell a house again, I wouldn’t do it through anyone else except Cathy.

Remuera Seller

We weren’t planning on selling, as we had restored our home so nicely, and to a standard that we really wanted to live in for a long time. However, when a friend of ours decided to sell her own lovely home, we decided we had to go for it! When it came to selling our Parnell home, we met with two other senior salespeople, but Cathy was by far the superior salesperson. She was more organised, knowledgeable and an exceptional communicator and that’s why I chose her. Cathy is personable, confident, easy to work with, and the consummate professional in everything she does. She came highly recommended by friends of ours that had also sold in Parnell, so we knew we were in the best of hands. We were so happy with the marketing and auction process, and the fabulous outcome at sale time was far more than we expected, which was wonderful. We were simply delighted with the result! Even now, after the sale, Cathy is there for us. She keeps us informed, in the loop and acts as a great facilitator. With so many people selling in the Auckland market, some parts of the real estate industry are getting really bad out there: I’ve been so glad to have a positive experience, and a great result, with Cathy Roselli.

Parnell Seller

We had dealt with Cathy when she sold the house to us. We had a great experience back then, she knew the house and had a really good rapport. Cathy knows Remuera and the surrounding areas incredibly well so we knew we were in safe hands. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the market was beyond anything we have ever experienced before. There is absolutely nothing that we could fault. We got a better result than we could have hoped for so we were over the moon. Cathy was absolutely fantastic. Everything about Cathy’s manner puts you at ease. We weren’t sure if we would get as much as we were hoping for but she was very reassuring, she knows what’s she’s doing and knows how to get results. She was in constant contact with us throughout the process and was a very calming force. And she does it all in a very genuine and sincere way. Cathy knew our property well. It’s down a driveway and before I even had to say anything about, she had formulated a plan of how to market the property. She knew how to get the best price and how to put everything into action quickly and effectively. She understood how to accentuate the property’s appeal and maximise the marketing efforts to generate the best result. All of her efforts were concentrated on getting results. There were just a lot of little things that all came together seamlessly. Cathy arranged all of the contractors to come in and get the home looking immaculate for viewings. She has all the contacts you could possibly need and makes everything easy. She is an exceptional woman and a joy to deal with. Across the board, her service, her professionalism, it was all top-class. The way she marketed the property, it’s not your normal property that would do well at auction but she just knew how to do it. She knew how to get a great result in a short space of time and made sure we moved before the school holidays and people were away, before the election or anything else that could slow things up. There aren’t a lot of properties on the market at the moment and Cathy was able to position our property in a way that immediately sparked a reaction from buyers. We have worked with other agents in Auckland before, but Cathy was far superior, personally, professionally – on every level she was head and shoulders above the rest. We would definitely use her again or recommend her to a friend! Just Cathy being Cathy. We knew she had our best interests at heart. It was really nice to be able to trust someone during what can be a stressful time. She had sold the property before so we had complete faith in her and that faith was rewarded. The week before the open home she already had several prospective buyers coming to look around and generated a lot of interest. She was very proactive and productive throughout. She’s just a lovely lady. Very professional and highly capable with a great knowledge of the local area and a large network of interested buyers. She brought a lot of potential buyers down and drummed up a lot of interest. She knows how to market homes and we recommend her very highly.

Remuera Seller

The Crocus Place home wasn’t going to be the home for us forever so we decided to move. We had researched doing a major renovation but we didn’t have the energy to undertake the project so started looking for our new home. It took a full five years to find the right place. We were the under-bidder at so many auctions until finally, we found the perfect home on Christmas Eve last year. We had known Cathy for the whole five years we’d been looking for the new home so she was on the short list when we decided to sell, however, we both felt Cathy had such great energy, which is a major plus when you are trying to sell a home. The house went to auction, and we worked on a slightly longer marketing and sale programme to capture any stragglers as there were a few public holidays in our programme period. Cathy was fabulous, she gave us sound advice all the way through the process. We always had buyers interested in the home, but it was Cathy’s hard work that got us to the price we wanted. We were so proud of her and so happy that she went the extra mile– I really don’t think anyone else could have done it. I hadn’t sold a house for a long time – the last time was in the UK when we sold a property over there. Agents in the UK don’t work for their money over there; we’d do the open homes, we’d show potential buyers through – the works. It was the complete opposite with Cathy. Her marketing was excellent, and her process was really inclusive. If we had strong feelings about photography, for example, she’d accommodate us, but in other areas, she would push back which was really helpful. We wanted her insight and expertise – that’s what we pay for, after all. Her opinions were always valid and effective. We were also impressed with the way Cathy interacted with us – every time she’d update us, she’d come around and we’d share a wine and have a chat on the deck. We always felt like she had time for us and that we were front of mind. If we phoned Cathy up, with any concerns or question, she was always on the other end and had time to assure us. We felt like she cared, which made all the difference.

Remuera Seller

I’ve known Cathy for a long time. She actually sold a home for me in Wellington in 1992, and went on to sell two properties for us in 2016. She’s a great provider of long term relationships. When we decided to put the property on the market, we identified 3 agents who we knew and had some kind of relationship with, however, we chose Cathy. We chose Cathy because she’s very personable, very much understands and gets where we’re coming from. She’s not about the transaction, she’s about the relationship. She understands that this is a major transaction in someone’s life. Her knowledge of the market and life experience really shone through. Cathy was outstanding. One of the things I like about Cathy is her attention to detail. She also has great relationships with gardeners and landscapers, repairs and maintenance, connections to photographers and sourcing drone footage – she’s like the conductor of an orchestra. She waves a baton and they all go to work in unison. They’ve all worked with her for a long time and all keep coming back. Some people in the industry can be really demanding and unreasonable but Cathy has a way of talking to people and keeping them with her. From home staging to storage, she had it all covered, she leaves no stone unturned. Her attention to detail and level of service is second to none. In real estate, it’s about doing the basics extremely well. It’s about understanding the product and potential buyers as well as managing expectations. Cathy has an innate understanding of psychology. She understands people and the pressure they’re under, and their hot buttons, and she manages it all in a very genuine way. She’s a very genuine person. Sure she’s a good sales person, but it’s all about the relationships for her. She has a genuine and authentic interest in people and getting the best result for her vendor, but at the same time, she’s great at looking after purchasers too. She’s a personality, a real force of nature. She’s such a hardworking, dedicated professional – you just have so much confidence in her ability. We had tenants in the house which made things quite complicated and challenging but Cathy did a great job supporting and managing them – something the tenants said to me themselves recently. So she got the thumbs up from them. While she acts for the vendors, when we look at buying at some point over the next 18 months we will definitely use her. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give Cathy an eleven.

Herne Bay Seller

I decided that with the market being the way it was and the fact that I didn’t have the money to develop the property that it was the right time to sell. I decided it was best to get it on the market and get the best money I could, and that’s where Cathy came in. I think Cathy did an amazing job. She is thorough, always contactable, and has clear communication. At no time did I not think I was getting 100% of her attention, which was fantastic. When you pay someone to sell your home and you feel like you can’t speak to them at any time, it can be a real pain. You have to an agent who is 100% focused on getting the best result for you as the vendor, and that’s exactly what Cathy did for me. Lots of people get into real estate on a whim, thinking it will be easy and it’s simply not true. Cathy has been around, she’s got over 20 years of experience under her belt, so she is very well established in the Auckland market. In the Auckland market, those connections and a solid database are everything when it comes to getting a good sale result. I work in a similar position in sales, so Cathy and I actually worked pretty closely together on the sale. I would read through the marketing materials and was always happy. The video which Cathy had made for the sale of my home was fantastic. Video is great for someone who doesn’t understand the Auckland area, or how the home fits into the wider community. For overseas buyers in particular, who may not be in Auckland or know where the house is, they can quickly jump on TradeMe, watch the video and get a handle on the situation and why the opportunity might appeal to them as a potential buyer. It’s a very engaging and visual tool, which makes people take notice. It gives viewers a feel for the class of the home, and what’s surrounding the property, which is so important. The video was also really effective as it showcased the home to people who don’t have the time to come to open homes. I loved how the video showed off the space, with all the cuts to still photography and even showcasing a local restaurant so people can really get a feel for the opportunity. The marketing that Cathy did really worked and cut through the noise. The best thing about having Cathy on board was her honesty, integrity, and the fact that she was 100% there for me. She genuinely wanted to get the best possible result for me, and as the vendor that is what’s most important. Some people told me that the house would just sell as an investment property so not to bother preparing it for sale, but I spent a good month getting the house ready, and it paid off in the final sale result, because you just never know where the buyers will come from. Even now, once the sale has gone through, Cathy and I still communicate, tying up loose ends and what not, so having constant communication with Cathy is great. When you have a marketing plan on a house for a month, and you are paying commission, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth and get a good result, because those fees come off the bottom line at the end, so you need to make every cent works for you.

Remuera Seller