Canberra Comes Out as Number One City

Canberra has been identified as Australia's most liveable city, according to results from the My City Survey conducted by the Property Council of Australia. 

This could be very welcome news for owners of residential rental properties in the region, or families looking to purchase a home in a fantastic area. 

The survey includes 5,400 respondents from across the country and addresses issues and topics such as population growth, urban design, community facilities and transport services.

Results from the 2014 survey found that Canberra has pushed Adelaide from its number one spot for the first time in four years, largely driven by continued improvement in the city over the last year. 

According to survey results, Adelaide's drop to the second rank was spurred on by "an increasing pessimism about local economic and employment opportunities".

While Canberra was the top of the list, Darwin remained in last place due to its very high living costs and low level of housing affordability. 

"This is the people's verdict on their own city – a report card for governments on urban liveability," said Peter Verwer, Property Council chief executive in a March 3 statement.

Looking at overall results, it can be seen that housing affordability and supply are two key areas of concern for Australians in all the cities surveyed. 

"The My City survey makes it clear we need a nationwide effort to boost the performance of our cities to maximise opportunities arising from population growth, housing choice, infrastructure investment and a strong economy," said Mr Verwer.

What makes real estate in Canberra a great choice? 

Canberra's performance in this year's survey was fuelled by improvements in its environment, urban design, mix of residents and housing affordability. 

Survey respondents stated the city is safe for people and their homes, roadwork is good with minimal traffic congestion and there is a good balance of different housing types throughout the region. Schools and educational facilities are plentiful in the area, while there are many different types of outdoor recreational activities for residents to partake in. 

On top of this, Canberra residents expressed their support for the government to introduce more medium density housing in middle and outer suburbs, renew old sites into residential areas and provide more detached homes close to employment opportunities. 

This shows residents in Canberra are all for boosting housing supply in the area, which could lead to improved levels of affordability in the city. 

With the cash rate at a historical low and dwelling commencements forecast to rise nationally, this year could see conditions improve even further for housing in the Australian capital.