Big decision required some sleepless nights

THE Ray White Group invests over $30 million annually on its technology and marketing platform to create the best possible environment for its 1,000-strong network.
This 115-year-old owned business is in it for the long haul and has undergone massive growth to cement its position as the number one property group in Australasia turning over $44.7 billion in sales in the last fiscal year.
We asked Ray White Carina principal Andrew McSweeny in Brisbane what his experience had been like since rebranding to Ray White three months ago.
Andrew says he agonised over his decision for months to rebrand from the top Belle Property office in Queensland to Ray White.
“I had sleepless nights as it took me a full eight months to make this decision. But it was simply because I wanted my team to be comfortable as well as I didn’t want to make this move on my own,” said the 43-year- old who had already rebranded twice before during his career.
“My team are the very fabric of the office and for me it was a fundamental consideration. For some of my guys, this is our third brand change as we were first Professionals then Belle and now Ray White.
“Some of the seasoned operators in my team were very happy where they were and had developed very successful businesses, so why change? But I just knew there were things that we couldn’t do within the existing Belle infrastructure.”
He was also skeptical that he would get inbound inquiry just by rebranding Ray White, after all he was the number one Belle office in Queensland.
“But it is absolutely true,” Andrew said.
“We had 12 inbound appraisal inquiries in as many weeks as we rebranded. It cannot be anything else as there hasn’t been a Ray White in Carina for years. So right now we are geographically connected to the area and now I know that the Ray White brand truly helps you win work.”
“Once I understood what was on offer at Ray White and the personalised support you get, I had to come.
“There are so many specialists at Ray White who will help. If you want to talk about property management, there’s people who can help and come and run training. If its recruitment or sales and even media relations, there’s lots of help available.
“I like that the corporate support is targeted to specialist areas.”
And best of all, Andrew is sleeping much better at night now.