Andrew Jolliffe is top agent internationally

After a stellar year in which Australasia’s largest real estate firm, the Ray White Group, set a record with in excess of $44.7B in annual sales in 2016-17, Andrew Jolliffe has been announced as the company’s number one sales agent internationally.
The Sydney-based commercial agent, who was also the number one international agent in 2015-16, heads up the group’s hospitality and leisure arm in the Asia Pacific.
Jolliffe has been responsible for a number of the industry’s most valuable transactions nationally; including the sale of the Clovelly and Marlborough hotels to Solotel’s Bruce Solomon and Matt Moran, as well as the sale of the Collaroy and Tennyson hotels to Merivale’s Justin Hemmes.
The latter set the all time record price for a hotel at public auction in December 2016 at over $37M.
Ray White Group director Dan White said Andrew Jolliffe was the overall top agent across all of Ray White and his product knowledge was second to none.
“Andrew always put his clients in the best position to make the best decisions. His attention to detail is flawless. He knows his market intimately and therefore he communicates opportunities frequently to his clients,” Mr White said.
The expansion of the Ray White Group, founded in Queensland’s Crows Nest in 1902, has been extraordinary; with the company now represented by 1000 offices internationally through countries including New Zealand, United States, India, Indonesia and the UAE.
“To receive an award such as this from Australia’s oldest and largest real estate group is most rewarding. Clearly however, I’ve been immeasurably benefited by the strength of the asset class within which I operate, as well as being surrounded by an organisation full of people who both believe in and embrace the concept of a meritocracy,” Mr Jolliffe said.
“When the culture of an organisation creates a platform where everyone pushes and pulls in the same direction, it can become quite intoxicating in terms of the availability of success for those involved.”
Mr Jolliffe, a former ASX listed company CEO and private equity fund manager, was in his 8th year in his role with the Ray White group and sees a bright future for the space. He said the level of increased sophistication and therefore expectation from his client base means a greater depth of knowledge and service was required from people in his position.
“That being said, trust in both ability and advice is still the key differentiator we highlight as being the most important to us, as proxy for our valued clients and this view we hold transcends real estate, and applies to any professional service.”
Mr Jolliffe has sold John Singleton’s Kinselas, Peakhurst, Toxteth and Marlborough hotels in Sydney over the past six months for $100 million. He is now selling the large format Vic on the Park Hotel in Marrickville for the well-known ad man and his business partners exQantas CEO Geoff Dixon and private equity impresario Mark Carnegie. After selling 25 A-grade properties in the past 18 months, Mr Jolliffe was confident of further market strength given the underlying fundamentals for the sector.
“A-grade hospitality property typically finds itself residing upon prime commercial sites, often situated on an area’s high street, and almost invariably in close proximity to major transport and other commercial applications” Mr Jolliffe said.
“With this underwritten value fundamental in mind, and when considering the cyclically low cost of funding, we can see sound argument for the continued strength and depth of the sector and look forward to announcing further sales in the very near future.”